How far can you walk in 10 minutes?

How far and how many steps you take in 10 minutes varies greatly depending on you as an individual. Based on a normal walking speed (~0.053 miles/min) and the average of step length (30 inches), a rough estimate is around 1100 steps.

How many miles can you walk in 10 minutes?

Relaxed gait speed 0.33 miles in 10 minutes
Normal gait speed 0.53 miles in 10 minutes
Brisk walking speed 0.83 miles in 10 minutes
People can walk between 0.33 miles and 0.83 miles in 10 minutes depending on walking speed. The normal walking speed (or preferred walking speed) will take you 0.53 miles in 10 minutes.

Walking speed Time Distance
Relaxed 🐌 10 min 0.33 miles
Normal 🚢 10 min 0.53 miles
Fast πŸš€ 10 min 0.83 miles

How far can you reach certain distances by walking 10 minutes?

The Golden Gate Bridge
The World’s Longest Train
A marathon
Route 66️
The Earth's Circumference

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Preferred walking speed was not different across groups (1.42 m/s) and was near the speed that minimized gross energy cost per distance.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
Light-intensity activity is non-sedentary waking behavior that requires less than 3.0 METs; examples include walking at a slow or leisurely pace (2 mph or less). Vigorous-intensity activity requires 6.0 or more METs; examples include walking very fast (4.5 to 5 mph)
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